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Do you long to have your own “happily ever after” but have not been able to attain it?  Have you lost so much hope that you believe it is not even possible and just fantasy? There is a reason we are connected to fairytales, we actually have the power to create our own!

But fairytales are fantasy and not realistically possible.... A pipe dream, right?  But what if your fantasy really could actually be your reality?  What if you could live your happily ever after every day?  Aren’t you tired of settling for anything less than the life of your dreams?

My name is Cortney Anne Budney and I am a Fairytale Life, Business, & Relationship Transformation Coach.  A few years ago I would have thought everything I am sharing with you now right was crazy and impossible.  But I stepped onto a new path in my life that allowed me to find the magic wand with which I have created an amazing, prosperous, abundant, peaceful, love filled and happy life. 

I used to let my fears control my life, I was overweight, unhappy, had mood swings and panic attacks every day, had unhealthy relationships, developed bulimia, had no self-confidence, and I didn’t have a career that gave me purpose and a reason to wake up in the morning.  I also had a relationship with money that manifested in my reality as consistent lack, debt, and struggle to pay for my basic needs.

When I started to learn and experience how my mind, body, and spirit all work together with the energies to create our current reality, I was able to actively  step into my power and be the artist of my own life and that is when my life started to change in miraculous and drastic ways.  

Presently, I have conquered my fears so that I can work with them and past them instead of letting them dictate my actions or keep me from forward action.  I have lost 40 pounds and am at a healthy and comfortable weight.  I have enough self-confidence that I can love myself and enjoy who I am, how I look, and my unique personality.  I have healthy and fulfilling relationships that continue to develop, change, and teach me more every day. My romantic relationship went from being damaging and empty and became deeply intimate, peaceful, and full of unconditional love.  I have peace, prosperity, abundance, and a job I adore that instead of draining me, strengthens and energies me!



Contact me today to schedule your free 30 minute Step Into Your Fairytale Reality Intro session.


When you work with me you will learn to do the following:

* Heal yourself from the inside out and develop self love and acceptance.

* Dissolve your limiting belief systems so you can open the door to the reality you have always desired for yourself.

* Shift your relationship with money so you can USE money instead of being a victim of lack.  I will help you find the power to create money in a way that will be a better "savings" system than any amount of physical $ savings you could ever build up.

* Create abundance and balance in your life.

* Conquer your fears and develop the courage to follow your dreams.

* Develop your gifts and purpose and use them to support you in creating prosperity. 

* For business owners and healers, if you are stuck in your business, I will support you in learning how and why you are stuck and then how to open doors for prosperity and success beyond measure.

* Attain physical, mental, and emotional health.

* Find the magical wand you have within to create whatever you desire, whenever you desire it!


It is your turn to have the life you deserve, the life of your dreams!

So what excuses are you making right now as to why you can't do it?  Are these the same excuses you have always made when an opportunity presents that could potentially change your life for the better?  If so, push past those fears and blockages enough to click below and request your free session.  There are no strings attached, this is just a conversation to see if this program is right for you.  I will never waste your time or "sell" you something that is not right for you.  You will also leave the conversation with more insight as well as one powerful and yet simple tool, that when harnessed, will change your life drastically!

Create a new reality today!  Contact me to schedule your free session.

What clients are saying about the program:

"Cortney is like my earth angel and has supported me on my journey through self discovery and coming out of the darkness that was crushing me. She has helped me find the happiness, strength, and wisdom to follow my path and look joyfully toward the adventures that await me." ~Helen Rose, Healthfood Store Owner, Mt Airy, MD


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Schedule your free 30 minute session with me today.  Learn about my 3 month program and how, through this program, I can support you in creating a reality that is above and beyond anything you could dream up for yourself!  E-mail me today to request an appointment. 


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